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Friday, June 3rd 2011

01:10:08 PM

Bombarded with lessons

Bombarded with lessons


Every day I am bombarded with my insecurities and fears as my body is trying to release that which I have absorbed and lessons that need releasing. My journey has taken me to some strange places where kindness can change the way people see life. With no expectations and attachments, you can change your thoughts and environment to flow in the source. As obstacles melt away and you get back to who you are the world will emerge into the way your following. Is everyone we meet just a lesson for us to evolve? Is our consistent need to help the world, really a calling to help ourselves?. Is all the ego we see in the world just fear of our own vibration of becoming? Each day I share in guidance and healing that I love seeing the people faces when share in the experience of releasing emotions. To see the vibration of people afterwards is amazing. I would love to share this with the world, but it is funny how people seem to find me when they are at the last chance saloon. It may be this is so and through years of experience and understanding of energy, I understand that experience is needed in personal growth. They may not truly understand it until it happens. We spend so long fighting the flow of life, to fit into our perception that we miss the true lessons. Always searching, attracting lessons in the hope, we can once more find peace, which is how we started. We lose sight of being. I know that In am a communicator, who can use simple terms to help people understand, but deep down, I love to write. Maybe not the way others write, not like an author because to control the word is to stop the flow. Through audio, it just flows and sometimes. I don't even remember the words. I have tried to get it into written word but each time, people just can't do it. I would love books with no ego, no going around the houses to give the source's message. In every book is probably a page of wonderment and pure vibration rolling off the page but like life, we have to go through the journey to find it. When connected the essence is portrayed through simple but profound thoughts and ideas that guide us on our journey of experience, to truly be enlightened by understanding we are the path. Everyone we meet is us trying to share in unconditional love. Also, Loving the joy from being peace. I think peace is for the older generation. It may be why those younger just don't understand it as they dash about looking forward to becoming something. I tried to fit in a few years a lifetime of experience that created a lot of mad moments. Where looks, money and power were all on offer, a world of delights that trying to fit in was the trend. I couldn't be that age again because nearly killed myself the first time around. Everything is about vibration. Lessons are just for experience to see the big picture to your journey of being the path. Every single thought will vibrate a lesson that can be experienced any time to release to you or to others.  

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Saturday, May 14th 2011

02:56:22 PM

Experience in healing

Experience in healing

Often I am asked to heal people with illnesses and always stress that if experience is needed, then the person will not be healed but hopefully will find peace. For in the experience one learns the lessons to why attracted. It is not until the programming is taken away, can the body let go of that vibration it has attached to learn and experience. A friend asked me to help her sister, who isn't really into healing but with leg ulcers, she was in a lot of pain. We both worked on the leg, but I highlighted that without the knowledge of the programming, she wouldn't let go of the attachment. A doctor came out to see the sister and was amazed. He asked the question why the ulcer in her leg healed three times, and after three weeks, it started to create another ulcer. I was told of this and informed the person, that if there is still of vibration from the programming, healing the body would not work, and soon the re-programming would attract once more. It is then we have now gone to the programming in childhood around six years of age, and hopefully the person will not need the experience any more and let go of the illness of the ulcer.  

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Saturday, October 9th 2010

06:53:43 PM

feels right

we all know what feels right, so why do we focus on what our brain wants..
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Saturday, October 9th 2010

06:47:28 PM

opportunity to flow

if life is flowing then everything comes to you, even the opportunity to flow.
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Sunday, September 5th 2010

04:51:24 PM


"We often can't see those who would bring peace in our lifes because we are too busy focusing on that which won't."

Often that which we have already chosen to expereince is lost by what we keep focusing on. For opportunities are wasted because we are too busy searching and attracting with what we think would make us whole. But if abundance / peace then only that which flows to us is th true expereince and not that which we search.
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Saturday, August 28th 2010

10:06:04 PM


When we lose sight of the moment, we lose sight of what life is all about, for each moment creates more magic moments when enjoy.

A moment creates our world and so the more moments we enjoy, the more we create. So don't lose the fact that without a moment you have no life, so the more you focus on enjoying the moment, the more magic you order in your life.
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Thursday, August 26th 2010

10:17:00 AM


ego is formed not from sharing but wanting to prove your way is right. Those who share don't criticise but share in the expereince, those who want to tell you your wrong, come from the ego.

If we are all one then all we share is a opportubity to learn. If one thinks they are always right, they only want to hear their voice thus creating not a sharing expereince. Guidance comes from opportunity to expereince and so to tell, is to stop someone from flowing. Ego creates individuals who think the way of an individual and so miss the chance to learn from every situation, even if don't feel right at time, when they learn the bigger picture they seed planted by sharing may blossom as all the jigsaw puzzle fits together. Enjoy sharing and your life will be rich with opportunities, try to control and you will end up only one person you can't control, thats you.

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Thursday, August 26th 2010

08:20:47 AM


"Illusions come in many forms but the body holds the key to knowing if your flowing or not, so if feels good do it."

When we see through the eyes of the material, we focus on illusions out of fear. We even get messages all around us but to recognise the illusion can only be felt or noticed one isn't flowing. For often the simple message is there, feeling it is right but we allow through lack our minds to expand and create illusions and false promises because of our vibration of lack. Once we re-align with being abundant, we can see the illusions that triggered our insecurity and made us flow against our destiny.
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Wednesday, August 25th 2010

01:01:46 PM

vibration creates our world

"Our vibration creates our world, so look to why you created what you did, so you can change your life."

Vibration is in everything and when we understand that we must have vibrated a problem we attracted, we can then change the vibration of lack created, we may need to trace to childhood or past life to see the programming or lesson that created the vibration. By looking for the lesson we can see the big picture to how was created often through a illusion or fear. So many due to fear of not being in control, attract those to show they are not in control. But energy is free flowing and can't be controlled but we are in charge because of free will to experience what we vibrate. The more you become peace, the more you vibrate this and change the vibration of not being peace.
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Tuesday, August 24th 2010

02:01:12 PM

love is a moment

" love is a moment shared by millions when feel it."
When we ignite love in our hearts we automatically share a moment with he world and so millions for brief moment will feel the joy of you sharing. That is why many enjoy those who have good energy.

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